Claver Jesuit Ministry
5301 Winneste Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45232-1132

Biography of Peter Claver

Claver Jesuit Ministry aims at developing a pastoral presence in the Winton Hills and Spring Grove Village neighborhoods of Cincinnati. It operates out of three facilities: St. Bernard Catholic Church in Spring Grove Village, Mother of Christ Catholic Church in Winton Hills, and the Claver Jesuit Ministry Center also in Winton Hills. Pastoral leadership is provided by two Jesuit priests. Fr. Bob Thesing, SJ, is the pastor of the two parishes. Fr.Joe Folzenlogen, SJ, is the director of the ministry center. In addition, the Claver Ministry is active in several social justice networks both regionally and nationally.

Claver Jesuit Ministry Center Office.

Picture of the Faber Jesuit Community residence.

Mother of Christ Catholic Church

St. Bernard Catholic Church