When I do a painting, I am searching.
When I pray, I am searching.
When I look in the mirror, I am searching.
When I walk down the street, my eyes are constantly searching.

Have I lost something?
I search because I have found something.
I search to find God more in everyone and in all things.
The more I find of this precious treasure the easier it is to find more.
And so I constantly search.

As I search, I find and am found.
The woman in the Gospel searches for he lost coin.
Or is the parable about God searching for us?
When we are lost, when we try to hid
God get Her broom out, bonds over, and searches:
Underneath, behind, between every hiding place until we are found.

The most important part of my paintings occurs before I pick up a brush.
It occurs in my constant searching.
While searching I find people whose eyes, bodies, gestures, visibly express my feelings
Or which trigger desire and challenge in me.
The desire to capture the soul-beauty with which that person captivates me.
The challenge is to craft a visible expression of that experience of the spirit
In a way that is faithful to my biblical values and world view.

I have had experiences that have percolated for years before they became paintings.
Others I have been able to start painting within hours.
The main ingredient for me is finding and photographing a person who expresses the
Spirit in a beautiful or challenging way.
It is well worth the search.

Even more important that the paintings produced from my searching
Is what God seems to be creating in me.
God is blessing me with the gift of contemplation,
A big prayer word which simply means
Looking at everything with deep love.

If my art helps me and others to see ourselves
And love each other as God sees and loves us,
Our search has been successful.
We have been found.